International Asexuality Day – Kate Wood

April 6th marks the 3rd International Asexuality Day, a day on which we celebrate the asexual spectrum, focusing on the four themes of Awareness, Celebration, Education and Solidarity. For me, the most important of those themes is Solidarity. This theme fits with IAD’s strong goal of highlighting those Asexual organisations and activists in countries that Read More

A life saving and life affirming comic

Imagine you’re a young person living in rural or outback Australia. You know that you’re different from your friends and you’re doing research on the Internet to find out what is wrong and to find out what is different about you. It’s hard though because your Internet connection isn’t good and you only have a Read More

Through my Eyes

A poem by Heidi written during Marriage Equality survey.   Here I sit Quietly waiting, quietly dreading, quietly crying inside whilst my precious and private life becomes public and banter. Reading, hearing, seeing the words of debate and sometimes hate slowly old memories and emotions resurface, teasing and testing me yet again. As I wave Read More

2021 Wear It Purple Trivia

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the Wear It Purple Trivia night. Congratulations to Team Purple Haze on their outstanding first place with 30,769 points. You can see all the Trivia Scores. Tickets sales raised over $800 to support LGBTIAQ+ young people, and a substantial donation has been made to the Wear It Purple Foundation.