Queer Youth Together (QYouT)


Queer Youth Together (pronounced QyouT) is a program for LGBTIQ+ young people that commenced on the 22 March 2017.  QyouT provides a safe place, activities, networking, resources, and just good fun.

QyouT now meets every Wednesday between 5.30pm-7.30pm!   Each week will now alternate between having a structured evening or just dropping and hanging out.  (Drop in @ The Diversity Hub also operates whenever we are open!)


Queer Youth Together, Wed 21 Mar,   5.30pm-7.30pm –  Harmony Day   Intersectionality LGBTIQ & Multiculturalism  (It’s our Birthday!!!)

Queer Youth Together, Wed 28 Mar,   5.30pm-7.30pm – Guest speaker  Queer Refugees (& Hot cross buns / Easter Eggs – Easter is 30th Mar – 1st April)


Queer Youth Together, Monday 2 April,   3.00pm-6.00pm  Hot cross buns / Easter Eggs / Chocolate Fountain & Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Movie

Queer Youth Together, Wed 4 Apr,   5.30pm-7.30pm  Drop in

Queer Youth Together, Wed 11 Apr,   5.30pm-7.30pm  Queer Eye!

KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR OUR YOUTH WEEK EVENT – Sharing our Stories !   It is going to be exciting & surprising!

Queer Youth Together, Wed 18 Apr,   5.30pm-7.30pm  Drop in

Queer Youth Together, Wed 25 Apr,  5.30pm-7.30pm  ANZAC Day BBQ and Gays in the Military


Queer Youth Together, Wed 2 May,   5.30pm-7.30pm  Drop in

Queer Youth Together, Wed 9 May,   5.30pm-7.30pm  TBA

Queer Youth Together, Wed 16 May,   5.30pm-7.30pm  Drop in

Queer Youth Together, Wed 23 May,   5.30pm-7.30pm  TBA

Queer Youth Together, Wed 30 May,   5.30pm-7.30pm  Drop in


Queer Youth Together, Wed 6 Jun,   5.30pm-7.30pm  TBA

Queer Youth Together, Wed 13 June,   5.30pm-7.30pm  Drop in

Queer Youth Together, Wed 20 Jun,   5.30pm-7.30pm  TBA

Queer Youth Together, Wed 27 Jun,   5.30pm-7.30pm  Drop in


Previous activities:

22 March 2017 – Introduction

5 April 2017 – LGBTIQ+ visibility, heroes & role models

19 April 2017 – Easter – Chocolate of course!

3 May 2017 – Movie & Pizza night

17 May 2017 – Mindfulness (IDAHOBIT – International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia)

31 May 2017 – Fire Twirling & Performance Art, a great way for LGBTIQ youth to be mindful and provide a self-care outlet.

14 June 2017 – Sexuality and health

28 June 2017 – LGBTIQ music heroes and favourites

12 July 2017 – Ice Skating at Phillip, meet up at 6pm, have dinner and then go skating from 8pm

26 July 2017 –  Torchlight tag and games

*3 Aug 2017 – An extra event – 78 Reasons to Stay the Night, Canberra Theatre Centre, 7.30pm-10pm.

9 Aug 2017 – Board Games

23 Aug 2017 – Wear it Purple

6 Sep 2017 – LGBT Flag education – what do they all mean

20 Sep 2017 – Games night

4 Oct 2017 – School Holidays, Movie Marathon 1.00pm-9.00pm   Boy & the Beast, Black Butler, Please like Me !

18 Oct 2017 –  Halloween   (Poverty Week)

1 Nov 2017 –  game Betrayal @ House on the hill

15 Nov 2017 –  Boot camp & exercises in the park!

22 Nov 2017 –  drop in

29th Nov 2017 Card games and making Christmas Cards

6th Dec 2017 5.30-7.30pm  drop in

13th Dec 2017 5.30pm-7.30pm  Christmas Pool Party   Off site

20th Dec 2017 5.30-7.30pm  drop in

27th Dec 2017 5.30-7.30pm drop in

10 Jan:  5.30pm-7.30pm Drop In @The Hub

**Tues 16th:  5.00pm Lake Walk & Picnic  meet up outside 365 Ankatell St. Tuggeranong

17th Jan:   5.3pm-7.30pm Netflix & Pizza

24th Jan:  5.30pm-7.30pm Drop In @The Hub

31st Jan:  5.30pm-7.30pm Drop In @The Hub

**Sun 4th Feb:  5pm   * RMC Band at the National Botanical Gardens

Wed 7th Feb:  5.30pm-7.30pm Drop In @The Hub

Wed 14th Feb:  5.30pm-7.30pm  – Valentines Day Candy & Anime

Wed 21st Feb:  5.30pm-7.30pm Drop In @The Hub

Queer Youth Together goes to the Movies, Sun 25 Feb, 1.30 for 2pm Black Panther @ Limelight, Tuggeranong

Wed 28 Feb, 5.30pm-7.30pm   Street Art project ideas, planning

Wed 7 Mar, 5.30pm-7.30pm  Drop in (& a birthday celebration, Zucchini Bros Pizza) @The Hub

Wed 14 Mar,  5.30pm-7.30pm –  Guest speaker from Beyond Blue