Members of Diversity ACT can borrow books from our library.

The library includes works that address lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex themes. It includes many of the ‘classic’ texts, and it has especially strong holdings in recent young adult fiction.

Find out more about what our library contains:

In each list, after the date of publication, thematic information about the text is provided in square brackets. This includes guidance about which area of LGBTIAQ+ the text belongs to (i.e. lesbian, gay (i.e. gay male), bisexual, transgender, intersex, etc.). The designation GenderQueer is also sometimes used. These designations can describe texts of various kinds, so that ‘lesbian’ might describe a text dealing solely with lesbian matters, or one that includes lesbian themes, or one that includes lesbian characters, etc.

The listing also includes some information about the genre of the text.

Members can borrow one or two books for up to four weeks. Please discuss your borrowing needs with a Diversity ACT staff member at the Diversity Hub.