Not So Binary project

Representation matters. Far too often, people who sit outside the gender/sexuality binary are only represented in the media as victims of violence and discrimination. We are changing that by representing the power and creativity of bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer and non-binary people in the Not So Binary project

The Not So Binary project is a photographic exploration and unpacking of gender. It explores and responds to the use of language as a weapon against the LGBTIAQ+ community. It features members of the Canberra LGBTIAQ+ community, arranged and shot by their peers.


Photoshoots have now been completed and we thank all participants for their time and willingness to be part of this exhibit.

Exhibition opening

The exhibition opened at the Hub on 12 November 2022.

Exhibition team

The Not So Binary project management team includes:

  • Diversity ACT Community Services representative: Megan Watts
  • Community representative: Jonathan Davis
  • PhotoAccess representative: Kirsten Wehner
  • Photographer: Ella Wilkes (Empress Eyrie)
  • Artistic Advisor: Sian Brigid

Not So Binary is funded through the Capital of Equality grants program.