About Us

Diversity ACT is a community-based, registered charity, that exists to support LGBTIQ+ people of the Canberra Region. Diversity ACT provides a Community Services Hub, a support network and community resources that support the diverse experiences of all citizens of the ACT and Region, and to support equal rights and treatment of all Canberrans regardless of their sexual or gender orientation.

We aim to maintain a strong and inclusive community for LGBTIQ+ people.  Diversity ACT provides free and confidential services, a safe place, specialist support service and a recreational hub.

We registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) on 1 July 2015 and became a Public Benevolent Institution on 12 May 2016, which means we have DGR or Tax Deductible status for operating in NSW & ACT

Our Mission

Our mission is to work with LGBTIQ+ people and community groups, their families, friends and the wider community to advance a culture of inclusion in the ACT Region.

Our Vision

To be the first point of contact for LGBTIQ+ people in the ACT Region.

Strategic Goals

To maintain the Diversity Hub as a drop in and community centre which is a safe place for LGBTIQ+ people.

To deliver information, publications, training and education programs for LGBTIQ+ people and the community on a range of LGBTIQ+ topics and issues.

In 2018 our goals include:

1. To increase our membership base & community partnerships to expand of our services and programs.

2. Increase awareness of what constitutes Family and Domestic Violience & Abuse in all relationships

3. Building strong and inclusive community through our groups and activities

4. Conduct regular fundraising activities to support organisational operations.


Diversity ACT Community Services adopts (and amends) the Model Rules under Schedule 1 of the Incorporated Association Regulations (ACT)

Diversity ACT Community Services Constitution (PDF 971KB)