Guidelines for use of the Diversity Hub

If you are successful in your application to hire or hold an event or program at the Diversity Hub, the act of making a booking at the Diversity ACT implies your acceptance of all terms and conditions as a user of Diversity ACT premises or gardens. It is the responsibility of all users to read this carefully.

Terms and conditions

  • Premises are rented to approved hirers only at the discretion of Diversity ACT management.
  • Renting the premises does not create any form of tenancy or imply a future right or licence.
  • Users requests for use of Diversity ACT equipment for a particular event will be met where possible; however, the final allocation of equipment is at the discretion of Diversity ACT.
  • Approved hirers are required to take full responsibility for their event and the equipment used.
  • Any breakages may result in invoicing for the replacement of the item/s.
  • Hiring of the Diversity Hub may not be transferred, sold or sublet. All names of responsible parties must be advised on the initial application.
  • Hirers must accept the advice of Diversity ACT staff or volunteers relating to the setting up of Diversity ACT equipment.
  • Hirers are required to clean and tidy any space or equipment they have used, including ensuring that the bathroom is tidy, restore any furnishing to original positions and remove all rubbish
  • Diversity ACT will, from time to time, request permission from hirers to use appropriate photographic images of our venue which may be utilised for future marketing of Diversity ACT (noting that we respect the privacy of those who do not wish for images to be used).

Public liability insurance

  • Public liability insurance is not compulsory for all hirers. This will be assessed based on the purpose of the hire and the degree of risk.
  • For some events it may be necessary for Diversity ACT to seek a Risk Assessment document, or to sight copies of the first aid qualifications of an event First Aider.
  • In some instances, Diversity ACT staff may remain on premises to provide assistance with setting up and breaking down of equipment or for supervision from a First Aid perspective.
  • If you run an event that has an activity that is considered to be risky or is operated by a third party (such as a jumping castle or climbing walls), those third-party providers must have their own insurance. A copy of this must be provided at the time of booking.
  • Third party providers have full responsibility for all licences and insurances, relating to their own staff, including workers compensation and WH&S.
  • Larger events: If you plan on running a large event or party, that may include entertainment, alcohol, catering and have inherently higher risks, public liability insurance is compulsory. You can obtain this insurance for parties and events from several insurers, including Not For Profit Insurance Brokers.

Equipment setup and inclusions

  • All equipment utilised shall be firmly secured to protect personal and public safety.
  • No permanent hanging devices may be attached to the venue.
  • Hirers using gazebos for shade and protection for events must ensure that the shade device is safely secured and will not become a hazard with wind / gusts.
  • Trestle tables and folding chairs must be correctly operated, ensuring that legs / locking devices are operational and correctly positioned.
  • Fire safety: fire extinguishers and blankets are available in the Diversity Hub’s kitchen. A fire blanket and small fire extinguisher is also available in the garden shed for use while the portable BBQ is in operation.
  • First aid: A first aid kit is available and is wall-mounted in the kitchen
  • Operating of kitchen of BBQ equipment must be undertaken with care and in accordance with equipment operating instructions / requirements. Please use common sense in ensuring children, animals, etc are not around the BBQ equipment.
  • Parents / hirers should oversee the use of the undercover playground area to ensure mitigation of falls or injuries.
  • Third party providers must ensure that their equipment and installation and dismantling of equipment is done in accordance with operating manuals, standards and safety procedures for said equipment.
  • In the event of an injury requiring attendance by an ambulance, a person should be assigned to attend an area on Springbett St. where the ambulance can be directed to the injured person.
  • Any injuries, near misses or critical incidents should be reported immediately and recorded on the Diversity ACT critical incident form.

Access and unloading

  • Hirers or third-party providers may seek access to place equipment in the Diversity Hub yard. Access is via the Diversity ACT / ACT City Services gate, across ACT Government parkland (approximately 100 metres).
  • Vehicles accessing across the parkland will be allowed access and once unloaded must immediately return to the public car park.
  • Drivers must drive slowly, with due care and diligence.
  • Parking on ACT Government parkland is not permitted unless a prior event permit has been obtained to do so.


  • If you need to cancel your booking, please provide as much notice as possible by calling 0419 964 948.
  • Please do not cancel via our Facebook page.
  • If you cancel less than 24 hours before the scheduled booking, we may charge a cancellation fee may to cover our time and labour on preparations for your event.

Waste and rubbish removal

  • Hirers are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Failure to do so may result in a ban from future events or a levy imposed for cleaning.
  • Smaller rubbish bags may be placed in our hopper. Excessive amounts of rubbish are the responsibility of the hirer to remove from the premises.

Diversity ACT management

  • Diversity ACT staff and volunteers will be easily identifiable at any events held at our premises by their safety vests bearing the Diversity ACT logo.
  • Please remember that Diversity ACT is staffed entirely by volunteers. If we do not respond to our main number on 0419 964 948, please leave a message and we will be in contact as soon as possible.